Earth Observation (EO) data have an important role in monitoring and mapping natural resources, urban growth, sea and coastal environment. Different image types and scales that complement each other offer an optimal method for land cover conditions and trends assessment. The EO derived information, products and services capable to highlight the environmental features proved to be an important and cost effective tool for day-to-day land management.

The combined use of Optical and Microwave data, the refined interferometric SAR processing and development of the classification techniques permit to accurately map the area of interest. The multitemporal data acquisition, moreover, allows the monitoring of the phenomena evolution.

The remote sensing applications cover a wide range of both research and commercial/operational activities. Though these applications are of global interest, their importance is particularly evident at national and local levels as precious decision support tool in different fields. The applications supplied by ACS  use standard products generated by the Ground Segments to generate high value added products with specific thematic information.